About us

Inspirational colors

During the Renaissance, a new, vibrant blue pigment appeared in Europe: Ultramarine. Crafted by delicately grinding the precious stone called Lapis Lazuli, Ultramarine was so expensive that it would only be used to depict Holy or Royal characters. However, it brought a new depth to the palettes of the artists of the Renaissance, who revolutionized art and culture.

This story has inspired Emperor Blue in its creation of the refined and unique perfumes. This collection reveals new intensity in perfumery.

Royal fragrances

In the 16th century the French Royalty and Nobility came to Grasse, in the South of France, searching for the most sumptuous perfumes in the world. They acknowledge the perfumers’ ability to craft elegantly tailored scents that makes you feel confident and empowered.

The perfumers of Grasse assemble the finest raw materials in order to create fragrances that reach into our memories and produce unique emotional experiences, and these are some of the reasons why Emperor Blue, after creating and composing this range of exceptional perfumes, collaborated with them to produce the collection.

A frame for a work of art

In order to honor the finely crafted scents used, we have designed our packaging like a jewel case, with modern lines and a meticulous choice of colors.

EMPEROR BLUE have used the best raw materials to create the best fragrances and the best packaging.

This high quality of finishing offers an astonishing multi-sensorial experience.

Our range of perfumes:

The choice of a perfume is a subtle way to express your identity. It allows you to wear a work piece of art. Every fragrance is not only the culmination of the perfumer’s expertise and creativity, but also a journey through feelings and atmospheres. Emperor Blue is proud to present its inaugural range of perfumes.

The ultimate blend of modern sophistication and historical opulence

The collection